Patients Speak

“Simply the best — thoughtful, caring and effective treatment. . . I have used Lyna Norberg as a health care provider for over 8 years. She has consistently provided highly effective prevention and remedy in a professional, friendly, and very comfortable manner.  I recommend her without hesitation to anyone interested in resolving new or chronic health problems and for optimizing wellness.”  –Daniel O

“I am so grateful for Lyna’s brilliance, knowledge, and gentle patient way of supporting me and my body. . . she is the best healer I know!!” –Sydney P.

“I am feeling so much better, so much more engaged in life.  I feel happier, more alive and have more energy, like I am coming out of hiding and not walking through life without hope or enthusiasm.”  –Allison H.

“With her broad-based training, skill and attunement, Lyna pulled together a unique combination therapy for me that first cleared up my condition and then strengthened my constitution.  I had found no help anywhere else. . .”   –Martha R.

“It is a miracle.  Your herbs have helped so much, it is incredible stuff.  I can’t believe how much better I am.”  –Paige C.

“I am so happy and grateful I found you!  You are a practitioner with heart!  Thank you for the excellent care you give me!”  –Dawn W.

“Your magic potions and needles have done wonders.  I feel so much younger.  You and your work are fantastic!  I feel fabulous, like my old self again.  You have really pulled me through!  Thank you, thank you, thank you.”  –Susan R.

“What Lyna Norberg taught me became the foundation for a journey toward self-discovery. . . My self-esteem and self-awareness increased, which led to recovery from alcohol dependence and drug use. . . Lyna helped me accomplish this in her gentle, understanding, non-threatening yet powerful way.”  –John G.

“In 7 weeks, I’ve experienced many changes.  I’ve lost over 30 pounds.  I’m sleeping much better, my mind is sharper, and my energy has increased at least 300%.”  –Penny C.

“Lyna’s treatments have alleviated my chronic debilitating pain, improved my concentration, productivity and mood. . . it sure beats pain killers!” –Gayle B.

“Lyna helped my see the issue of weight loss in a whole new perspective, and weight just fell off!  I’ve maintained that loss, and I’m thrilled!  Lyna has been a sympathetic ear, a counselor, teacher and cheerleader.”  –Sharon S.

“I was unwittingly keeping myself on track as a candidate for colon cancer. . . With Lyna’s sensitive guidance and suggestions, I’ve turned that around for good.”  –Ken S.

“Lyna brings vast knowledge and years of experience to her work along with integrity, sensitivity and the genuine warmth of a true healer.  I have my life back!” –Joyce G.

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